Friday, July 11, 2008

Spanish Actores

Yesterday in our multi-age class at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Highland, we acted out the story of Moses and the bullrushes from the Old Testament.

One of the moms read the Arch Books version of the story, in Spanish, in rhyme (published by Editorial Concordia, part of Another mom dressed up as "el faraón" with a colorful blanket as a kingly cloak. Two girls wanted to be the princess, so they both dressed up in a Cinderella costume from the Disney store that I borrowed from my daughter. We wrapped a gold shawl around the two of them, and they were a collective princess. At age 5, with a keen imagination, anything is possible. We had actors play the parts of Moses' mom, sister Miriam, and brother Aaron.

We used a blue blanket and a doll in a basket to recreate the river scene. I interrupted the story on each page to send the actors in the right direction to act out each scene. The children repeated appropriate responses in Spanish as we told the story.

Move over, Dora! Interactive communicative Spanish has never been this much fun. There's nothing like hands-on learning, getting your hands dirty, wearing a costume, and speaking from the heart.

Hasta pronto,
Señora Fields

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