Sunday, August 3, 2008

Querido Amigo: Writing Letters in Spanish

Querido Amigo,

This week, in two Spanish classes, we are writing letters.

One group, that meets at our church, is writing letters to children who attend school in Guatemala, with A Servant's Heart--a Lutheran ministry to families who live on a garbage dump. Four children have been receiving support from Redeemer's Sunday School, and now our group of Spanish students are writing personal letters to them: in Spanish! We really hope they will write us back.

The Mommy and Me kids are learning about el correo also: and I'm writing letters and mailing them to their houses. It's exciting to get a real letter in the mail, especially when it is addressed right to you, and has handwriting on the front of the envelope. We will be talking in class about sobres, and sellos, and about cartas. Last week we drove small cars around on a mat on the floor, and delivered mail to various houses around town. This week, we're checking our real mailboxes at home, just in case we hear from our amigos.

Un abrazo,

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