Thursday, July 12, 2012

Experience the local flavors of Mexico right here in Valparaiso--and bring home ingredients for your favorite regional cuisine at Tarimoro Guanajuato.  The fruit market / ethnic grocery store has opened a new location at 908 Roosevelt (at the corner with Evans, right behind Phil B's restaurant and the gas station).

Prices can't be beat.  I recently bought 15 limes for $1, two green peppers for $1, and $3 watermelons.  The avocados are generally perfect, just ripe enough to use the same day ($1.09 each).

I love going on Saturday mornings to buy tamales, corn-husk wrapped cornmeal dumplings stuffed with delicious meat or cheese.  The selection is freshest on the weekends, when a new batch is delivered with selections of pork, chicken, and my personal favorite, queso con rajas (cheese with slices of jalapeño).  

Interesting ingredients include:  huge aloe leaves,  pan dulce and gigantic cookies, whole anise seeds from the spice section, candies and snacks from Mexico.  "Manzanita" apple soda is a favorite holiday treat for the kids at my house.  

Kitchen supplies include tortilla presses, molcajetes (a volcanic rock mortar and pestle), a wand for stirring hot chocolate...and if you're planning a birthday party, don't miss the huge piñatas.

While you're there, be brave and try to speak Spanish with the cashier.  She's friendly and she told me earlier this week that she feels very glad to let language students practice their skills while checking out.

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