Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spanish Entrance Exams for Homeschoolers

Thanks to online learning options and disciplined young scholars, students entering a brick and mortar college from homeschooling may come in with as many as two years of college credits already earned.  Students from public, private and home- schools may have questions about receiving credit for their previous studies in a language, or may wish to take CLEP exams or placement exams to place into higher levels on campus.
CollegePlus helps youth and adults coordinate their studies online to prepare for credit-granting exams and to take online courses for the beginning or completion of a college degree. 

Prior to teaching Spanish online, I was very skeptical about how students could learn language through a computer-based program.  Now I have seen students' vocabulary expand, their understanding of grammar grow, and their confidence and interest in the language soar.  Students taking a course online can expect to do many  more exercises and activities than in-class students.  The practice allows students to cement the new expressions into their memories.  Locally, Ivy Tech Community College offers an online Spanish curriculum that has been revised this year. 

Online Spanish requires complementing study time with speaking outside the "class" with speakers of the language.  Local conversation groups can be found at restaurants, colleges, libraries, and churches. 
In Northwest Indiana, conversation groups are available at Chela's restaurant in Highland.  In Valparaiso, at the Valparaiso International Center, at Don Quijote restaurant, at Immanuel Lutheran Church (1700 Monticello Park Drive, near Glendale and Roosevelt), and on campus at Valparaiso University for current students. 

Where do you practice Spanish?  Let me know:  send an email to share your favorite setting(s) and locales for practicing the language. 

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