Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exiled in America short film

The border between the United States and Mexico is an arbitrary line with a history that is increasingly less fluid.  As border "security" is tightened, families from Mexico and other parts of Latin America are left feeling much less than secure as deportation and the border keep parents, siblings, spouses and children apart.

If the family in this video were the only one, this would be a very sad story.  But since this story is played out time and again in thousands of families in the US and Latin America, the border's separation of families is desvastating.  Here's a link to a 10 minute short documentary film about a divided family, called "Exiled in America":

Tonight I heard the story of a 2nd grade American citizen who was left orphaned in Texas when his mother was deported to Mexico.  It resonated with our local community because we have families in our neighborhood like that, too, as friends and family are left to pick up the pieces and fill in the gaps of the lives that are separated and torn apart. 

We see that our immigration system is broken.  The answer is in making human dignity a priority and repairing the damage that has been done to families in our midst.  Let's work together to fix the system. 

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